Tvasta’s National Workshop on Construction 3D Printing

Sriram Renganathan

“With optimum utilization of resources & minimal use of water,3D Printing technology is environment-friendly & sustainable with no wastage. IIT Madras & Tvasta Manufacturing, an IIT-M Alumni startup has started working on this technology which is also very fast & scalable” told Mr. Durga Shanker Mishra, Secretary Ministry of Housing & Urban affairs in his own words in the prestigious national Workshop on Construction 3D Printing organized by Tvasta and IIT-M on November 11, 2018.

Shri.Durga Shanker Mishra during the curtain raiser event 

The event was a major milestone in the Concrete 3D Printing field with experts all round the world attending the conference. Team Tvasta unveiled its first 3D Printed Concrete structure  in this event followed by a curtain raiser on Global Housing technology challenge from the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs( MoHUA).  Following this, Shri. Krishnan, Secretary TN Govt touched upon the  “Housing for all” scheme and how Tami Nadu Government is trying to explore new technologies. 

Meanwhile, the team from Tvasta and IIT-Madras Printability lab had also performed a live demonstration of the Concrete 3D Printing process using their indigenously developed 3D Printer. Along with the demonstration sessions, all the participants were also taken to India’s first Concrete 3D Printed structure erected in IIT-Madras Civil department. The team briefly explained the making of the structure and addressed the questions put forth by the audience.

Construction 3D Printing developed by IMPRINT Lab in collaboration with Tvasta

Finally the event concluded with a panel discussion on the “Future of 3D printing in Construction”. Various aspects of this technology were discussed and finally, the session concluded on an optimistic note to promote 3D Printing in Construction by bringing behavioral changes 

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  1. J.Rajeev Lal
    May 8, 2021

    Great initiative...
    Congratulations to team Tvasta.

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